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About The Owner

My name is Dean Mraz Jr. and I am the Founder and CEO of DJM Entertainment LLC. I am a Freshman at Bowling Green State University studying Adolescent to Young Adult Education to become a High School Mathematics and Broadcast Media teacher. I got my start to DJing at a very young age, when I received my first very basic controller and monitor speakers for Christmas. Ever since than, I have never looked back. DJing is a rigorous adventure that brings upon many challenges, making it feel that much better when you complete the quest. I love being able to stand up front of a crowd, play the music they want to hear, and feel the vibe from the dance floor; all with me being in control. I look forward to meeting you and bringing my deep passion for DJing to your event.

History of DJM Entertainment

DJM Entertainment LLC underwent rebranding from previously "DJR Network". There comes a point in a company's history where from a business standpoint, you have to make it simple for the clients. DJR Network did not perceive to be a DJ Entertainment Service Company, rather a computer company. To go in part with the name change, LLC has been added to the end of the name to represent a proper standing Limited Liability Company. We are licensed through the state of Ohio along with being fully insured by State Farm. DJM Entertainment LLC is ready to make the head work simple, yet the event memorable.


We are based out of Elyria Ohio, but are currently operating out of Bowling Green Ohio. We offer Dj & Entertainment services to the Midwestern Ohio area, but would be willing to travel depending on the client and price.


We have the most updated music library and are constantly improving.


We use our own advanced lighting technology.


we use only the most up to date, and purest sound equipment.


We have over six years of service and experience.

Exceptional Services

Affordable Prices